Royal Celtic Society Arms

Comann Rìoghail Ceilteach

Fad dlùth ri 200 bliadhna tha an Comann Rìoghail Ceilteach air thoiseach san t-srìth gus taic a chumail ri cànan, litreachas, ceòl agus cultar na Gàidhealtachd ’s nan Eilean Siar. Tha an Comann a’ cumail thachartasan riaghailteach do na buill, a’ toirt seachad buinn air son feabhas an ceòl ’s an litreachas, agus a’ cuideachadh sreath farsaing de bhuidhnean a tha a’ cumail suas dualchas, cànan agus ealain na Gàidhealtachd ’s nan Eilean.

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The Royal Celtic Society will shortly be granted a Coat of Arms by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Followng a petition presented in October, the Lord Lyon has confirmed that the Society's proofs are in order and, following consultation with the Society's council on the design, has now signed a warrant for the Arms to be granted.

The blazon, or formal description, of the shield is Or, the Kilmartin Celtic knot Azure, on a chief of the second a saltire Argent.  As a pan-Scottish society, we have been allowed the national flag 'in chief,' or at the top of the shield.  The Kilmartin knot was considered an appropriate representation of the Society's purpose in safeguarding Scotland's Celtic heritage.  It is taken from one of the many medieval monuments found at Kilmartin in Argyll, the site of a spectacular concentration of ancient and early modern sculpture.

The motto, Cha Tréig Mi Thu (I shall not desert you) is taken from the Society's logo and has been in use informally since the Celtic Society's foundation in 1820.

The process of granting the arms will now take a number of months, leading up to a ceremony in the Autumn of 2017 when the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Dr Jospeh Morrow QC, will formally present the Arms to the Society.  This will coincide with the 2017 Annual General Meeting, when the Lord Lyon will join us as our guest speaker at lunch.

We thank former council member Charles McKerell of Hillhouse for his work on this project.

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