Royal Celtic Society ArmsThe Royal Celtic Society

For nearly 200 years, the Royal Celtic Society has been at the cutting edge of activity to support the language, literature, music and culture of the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland. The Society holds regular events for members, awards medals for excellence in music and literature and sponsors a wide range of organisations dedicated to the traditions, language and arts of the Highlands and Islands.

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In the name of progress, the Highland way of life came under sustained attack during and after the 18th century, but it proved too strong, distinctive and resilient to be suppressed.

We are a nation of story tellers par excellence and in the crofts and fishing towns of the north and the isles, the unique culture of the Gael survived through this oral tradition and in poetry, song, music, dress, and sport.

Although there are many organisations that do an excellent job in promoting individual aspects of the Scottish cultural tradition, the Royal Celtic Society is the oldest established of those adopting a holistic approach to preserve the tradition as a whole.

The Royal Celtic Society provides support to folk museums, festivals, Highland Games and other activities that preserve that cultural tradition.

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