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For nearly 200 years, the Royal Celtic Society has been at the cutting edge of activity to support the language, literature, music and culture of the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland. The Society holds regular events for members, awards medals for excellence in music and literature and sponsors a wide range of organisations dedicated to the traditions, language and arts of the Highlands and Islands.

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1. The Society shall be called The Royal Celtic Society

2. The primary object of the Society shall be to maintain and promote interest in the history, traditions, Scottish Gaelic language, arts and music of Scotland.

3. To that end the Society shall adopt such means as from time to time may appear expedient, and in particular it may: (i) publish or assist in the publication of suitable material, ancient or modern; (ii) give grants for original composition in Gaelic prose or verse, for skill in the composition or execution of music, for proficiency in the arts, music and industries of Scotland and for such other merit as the Society in carrying out its primary object may think it desirable to recognise; (iii) assist in or encourage the collecting, recording and preserving of any information relative to the primary object of the Society.

4. The office bearers of the Society shall consist of a President, three Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The President and Vice Presidents may hold office for three years, the Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected annually and they shall all be eligible for re-election.

5. Subject to the Rules and to the control of the Society in General Meetings, the affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council consisting of the office bearers, and of not less than six or more than 12 members, to be appointed at the Annual General Meeting each year.

6. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on such date as the Council may appoint. On the direction of the Council or on the written requisition of three members of the Council, stating the object for which it is desired, the Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at any time. Notice of any General Meeting shall be posted to each member of the Society not less than seven days before the date of the Meeting.

7. Any member desiring to bring any special business before a Meeting of the Society shall intimate the same in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Meeting.

8. The Council shall meet at least once in each year, or more often if necessary and the meetings shall be convened by the Secretary on his own initiative, or when so required in writing by a member of the Council. Four members shall form a quorum.

9. The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the Society’s funds, and shall each year submit his accounts for checking by an Independent Examiner, who will have been appointed at the preceding Annual General Meeting, or failing any such appointment, then to a member of the Council appointed for the purpose by the Council.

10. Membership of the Society shall be confined to those interested in Scottish culture. Admission to the Society shall be by invitation from the Council or by application to the Secretary.

11. The members’ subscription rate shall be set by the Council.

12. The Council shall have full power to expend the whole income of the Society, but no payment out of capital shall be made without the authority of a General Meeting of the Society.

13. No alteration of these Rules shall be made except at a General Meeting of the Society, and in the event of a division of opinion by a majority of three fourths of the members then present and voting. Notice of any proposed alteration shall be given in writing to the Secretary, not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting at which it is to be considered, and the proposed alteration shall be specified in the Notice calling the Meeting.

J Gordon Cameron WS
Honorary Secretary and Treasurer
The Royal Celtic Society
25 Rutland Street
Edinburgh EH1 2RN