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For nearly 200 years, the Royal Celtic Society has been at the cutting edge of activity to support the language, literature, music and culture of the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland. The Society holds regular events for members, awards medals for excellence in music and literature and sponsors a wide range of organisations dedicated to the traditions, language and arts of the Highlands and Islands.

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Lecture with Dr Anja Gunderloch

Duncan Ban Macintyre 1We look forward to welcoming Dr Anja Gunderloch of Edinburgh University's Department of Celtic on Tuesday 19th February.  The lecture takes place as usual in the Dome Room of Edinburgh's New Register House, wehre she will speak on Daonnchadh Ban MacIntyre - a Gaelic Poet in Edinburgh.

Around 1767, Donnchadh Ban, then in his mid-40s, arrived in Edinburgh to take a job with the Town Guard.  He remained in the city for the rest of his long life.  A leading Gaelic poet, the first edition of his work appeared in 1768, to be followed by two more: a considerable achievement for a man who was largely illiterate.

Celebrated especially for his native poetry, Donnchadh Ban's verse also includes praise poetry to aristocratic patrons and humbler characters.  There are humorous songs that poke fun at his own mishaps and the misadventures of others.  He also tried his hand at competition poetry in praise of Gaelic and the music of the pipes.  He died in 1812 and is buried in Greyfriars kirkyard, where he is commemorated with a fine monument.

Anja's lecture is at 1.00 pm on Tuesday 19th February at the Dome Room, HM New Register House, West Register Street, Edinburgh.  £5.00 admission, £2.00 for members, senior citizens and students.  All are welcome.

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